5G Could Be The Single Biggest Investment of 2019
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    Mimi Jasper
    Mimi Jasper

    self employed

    2 years ago

     If you aren’t up to speed on “5G” yet, then get ready, because it’s expected to be one of the biggest stories of 2019.

    New 5G (fifth-generation) networks are preparing to go live over the next few months and in the process it will unleash the greatest technological shifts in a generation, one that promises to instantly deliver speeds 5,000% faster than today’s best mobile devices.

    Indeed, experts predict this new tech will eventually replace almost every internet connection on earth. By 2021 alone there will be an estimated 29 billion devices hooked up to 5G, creating more than $1.46 trillion in market value for investors.

    That’s why many legendary technology investors are calling it the #1 investment of the decade.

    We’ve put together an in-depth dossier on the new technology, including the 3 companies that are poised to dominate this sector for years to come.