How you can install TuTuApp on Android Devices
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    Ekukan Ikem 2 years ago

     It is of no doubt that most Android users can attest to the fact that TuTuApp is one of the quintessential App stores. This is based on the reason that gamers and Tech lovers can enjoy the full version of what they pay for. People can't be buying game apps all the times. Sometimes, people purchase the game they have no idea about and find it boring. Therefore, having where to get all these game apps for free is just exciting.In order to make sure everyone make use of TuTuApp, it is important to be aware of how to install and operate the App on your smartphone devices. There are various ways in which one can install the App.Herein, is the easiest process on how to install the TuTuApp on your Android-powered smartphone.

    1. You can click this link to download the app TuTuApp APK.
    2. Before you can install the downloaded APK, you must go to the settings of your phone, then move to the security tap, then to the device administrator on your phone. Here, there's a box you will find that will allow installation from unknown sources. You can check on that box to allow.

    It is good to note that in some smartphones, the installation process is different, you, therefore, need to go on with the installation process, and your phone will open that window for you to install from unknown sources by default. In that case, you will enable it from that source.

    1. Go to the APK file after you are done with the second step. Then install the APK. If you carry out the second step properly, there should be no difficulty for you to encounter.
    2. Lastly, you can Launch the App and it will work well.

    In-App Usage:This App is so easy for you to operate, but you need to operate on a step by step instructions.

    1. When you launch the App, it takes you to its home page. Therein there are other numerous apps that will be suggested for you. Such as Spotify, Grand Theft Auto, Dream League, and among others.
    2. At the top left part of the App, there is an icon close to the search bar. When you can click at the icon, it takes you to where you can log in your personal account. At this point, you can log in your account details or choose not to.
    3. Whether you create your personal account in the step above or not, you can start by operating the App by searching for the App or game that you have been fantasizing in your head.
    4. When you find the App you want, tap on it, and the download will start. Apart from the other Apps, you can also get Snapchat, Spotify, and among others.

    Registering on TuTuApp:As mentioned earlier, you can decide to generate a personal account or not. If you want to customize the App, you can follow the process below:

    1. Click on the icon on the top left corner of the home page of the app.
    2. Click on ‘Edit personal info’ 
    3. You will be taken to a tab asking where you can log in. Then you can register via clicking the register button on the top right side.
    4. There, you have three different options to choose: you can decide to use your mobile number, username, or email. All of them lead to the same output.

    For me using the username for registration is the easiest and fastest method because you do not need to wait for the verification process.

    1. Here, you can enjoy other features on TuTuApp.