4 Efficient Mobile Apps That Can Help You With Your Budget
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    Ekukan Ikem 2 years ago

    When it comes to apps that can help you with your budget, efficiency is one of the keys factors. For some people, budgeting is a daunting task, so if your budgeting app isn’t cutting down your stress, what’s the point? We’ve four different budgeting mobile apps, so you can pick which app will be suitable for your budgeting needs.

    1. Mint By Intuit:
    The Mint budgeting app had to make the number one spot. With a fully customizable interface, integration with bank and credit card/investment accounts, and a zero dollar price tag, Mint takes the cake for efficiency. The app allows you to enter expenses and transactions/income just like any other app, but what makes it efficient is the fact that you can link your bank accounts and have your transactions automatically tracked within the app.

    Mint also provides real-time notifications when changes are made to an account. Have an upcoming bill? Just bought a flat-screen TV? Mint is tracking it all, integrating the numbers into your budget and keeping the numbers where you want them to be.

    2. YNAB:
    The YNAB app is pretty unique in its ideology and interface, offering budgeting users a much different, but still efficient, experience. The app was created under the philosophy that “every dollar has a job” and it’s your responsibility to assign it. This is another app that allows the user to connect bank accounts and credit cards to easily track their transactions as they occur. The app will let you know if you’re fitting into your budget or not as the transactions take place.

    3. Moneystrands:
    Moneystrands is an app that’s similar to Mint in its easy-to-use interface and ability to link bank accounts and credit cards. The app also includes a handy calendar with your bills listed on it, so you can keep track of when things are due weeks ahead of time.

    You can set monthly savings goals, track your income and expenses, and get real-time updates on changes as long as you’ve linked your accounts. Best of all, Moneystrands is completely free, which is always efficient.

    4. Cinch:
    If you’re looking for something a bit more personalized and immersive, Cinch might be the app for you. Not only does this app help you create a budget, but it utilizes AI technology to build a personal financial profile for you.

    If you’re not keen on giving up a lot of your personal information, you’ll want to steer clear of Cinch. The app will ask for things like bank account numbers and your social security number. Don’t worry, though, your information is encrypted and safe. The app needs it to simply build a proper financial plan for you.