Why Your Smartphone Camera Takes Photos That are not Clear
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    You just bought a new Smartphone and just after some months, pictures from the camera start becoming so blur and the overall camera performance has become dilapidated. If this is what you’re dealing with, you just might be able to fix it on your own.

    1. Don’t expect much from low-end phones:
    Just to be clear, if your device is a low-end phone and pictures never looked good right from the start, this article might not be able to help. Image sensors on these cheap phones are not capable of taking stunning images. I’ve seen budgets devices that take rather foggy photos right out of the box. A simple DIY fix might be all you need to take great photos again.

     2. Is Electronic / Optical image Stabilization missing?:
    Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) are two different technologies phone manufacturers use to stabilize images taken on your smartphone. While OIS tends to give better results and outperforms EIS in a lot of cases, both still work great to achieve the same aim.

     3. Fingerprints can be nasty:
    Aforementioned that fingerprints could easily spoil what could have been an otherwise great photo. Having fingerprints all over your lens cover reduces your picture quality by interfering the light coming into the sensor. Try to find a clean piece of cloth and wipe the lens clean. 

     4. Dust too:
     If the dust resistance rating of your phone is below standard or there’s an opening somewhere you’re not aware of, you might notice dust (or specks of dirt) gathering behind the glass protecting the lens. You can get a technician to fix this for you.

     5. Scratches on the lens cover:
    If your phone comes with a camera bump and you’re not using a good case with the phone, you may start seeing scratches on the lens cover. Having lots of such marks on the lens cover tends to affect your picture quality. How do you fix this? You may have to change that lens cover or completely replace the entire back cover.

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