6 Tips for Enhancing Your Web Design in 2019
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    Ekukan Ikem 2 years ago

    If you have been in search of how to enhance your website design, there are several factors you must consider.
    Here are some tips that might help you to do things the proper way. 

    1. PlanIng the beginning:
    You have to make sure that your website has the necessary requirements for your potential visitors. Put differently, you have to have a solid plan figured out. For putting a nice plan together, you’ve to interview some existent visitors or buyers through a short survey. You could question them what they like & don’t like regarding your site’s design, and later on, make some important changes.

    2. Needless Components:
    Some of the components of your website might not offer the message or value you want to convey. As an example, long articles, complex animations & too many videos or images are a recipe for bad user experience. It is essential to remember that the visitors hold a brief attention span. On average, people visiting your site spend 8 secs on a site or blog. If your site appeals to them, they’d stay. If it doesn’t, they’d hit the back button or click away.

    3. Social Sharing Buttons:
    It is amazing to have good content on your website. However, if you do not let your readers share your pieces, you won’t be getting the attention you want and need. Therefore, we advise you to incorporate social sharing buttons on your website. It would aid you to attract tons of traffic from social media websites too.

    4. Calls-to-action:
    The moment a visitor lands on your webpage, what is it you think they’d do next? At the end of every blog piece, you must deliver a CTA button. It can be a link to some other article or a service or product you’re wanting to sell.

    5. Images On webpages:
    images are utilized for making the content more attracting & conveying the proper message. You have the option to pick from lots of images. However, ensure that you pick from high-quality, relevant images. You could grab images from stock photo sites, and that would require you a little bit of money. You could also take photos inside your office if you’ve got a quality camera & the skills.

    6. Navigation:
    Navigation happens to be one of the most essential elements of your site. It is a sort of map showing the main places on your website visitors can take a peek into. It is discouraging for site visitors to see a page that’s got bad navigation design. Therefore, it is essential that your website should offer the visitors information they require within a couple of seconds.