iOS 14.3 turns the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max into even better cameras
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    If you’ve got an iPhone 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max and consider yourself something of a photographer, the latest iOS update will help you get the most out of your phone’s cameras. That’s because it includes the new ProRAW feature that Apple first announced back at its October event. ProRAW combines the editing flexibility of RAW with Apple’s computational photography tricks like Smart HDR and Deep Fusion for the first time. You no longer have to choose between the flexibility of a standard RAW file and a JPEG or HEIC file that has all of Apple’s computational magic but limited potential for post-processing because ProRAW gives you both.Shooting RAW photos on an iPhone is nothing new; for some time now, apps like Halide and Adobe Lightroom have let you capture all of the data the iPhone’s sensor can gather. And all of the usual benefits of RAW are here with ProRAW — vastly improved control over white balance is always the biggest factor for me — but it gives you greater leeway with adjusting exposure, sharpness, dynamic range, and more. You can make better adjustments to facial tone in a portrait or nail the exposure in a landscape shot.But standard RAW images can look very grainy out of the iPhone since, well, these are still small smartphone camera sensors, and they’re without any computational photography optimization. Now, you should notice all the same detail as before but with less noise. That’s because ProRAW images do the same multiframe image processing as ordinary iPhone shots. Even with that, you get around 14 stops of dynamic range to work with in editing software. ProRAW can be used with all of the rear cameras on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max — it’s not going to suddenly turn the ultrawide into a magic lens, but anything helps — and it also works in night mode. You can even access the depth mapping information captured by the sensor to make portrait mode-style adjustments after the fact, provided your editing app allows you to control it.