Two Ways to Unlock a Disabled iPhone / iPad
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    Ceepay Nigeria
    Ceepay Nigeria

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    1 year ago

    Wrongly entering your iPhone or iPad password will get it disabled for a short period of time. Doing this consistently over and over again will get it permanently disabled and this is exactly what happened to my daugther’s iPad some months back when a cousin of hers came visiting.The iPad was completely disabled and there was no option to enter the right password any longer. If you’re facing this kind of issue and need to know how to unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad, this article provides two different solutions:

    1. Unlocking the disabled iPhone/iPad without iTunes
    2. Unlocking the disabled iPhone/iPad using iTunes

    While both methods work great, whichever you go for depends on the one you find easier. Unlocking a disabled iPhone or iPad Without iTunesFor this method, you need a third-party program like dr.fone. This program is actually a very useful toolbox if you have an iOS device. We’ve previously explained how to recover lost data on iPhone with this program in a previous blog post.  To unlock your disabled phone with without iTunes, you need to follow these steps:1. Download and launch From the welcome page, select Unlock to get started.
     2. Connect your phone through USB and wait till the program detects it. Click Start and you should be shown a screen with instructions on how to set your phone to DFU mode.

      3. With your phone in DFU mode, check to see that the correct model and iOS version are automatically chosen. If it’s wrong, be sure to select the right options.4. Hit the download button and the right firmware should be automatically downloaded. This might take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.5. After it’s done, click Unlock Now. You need to know that this process will completely erase your phone. Type in the confirmation code to continue.6. You should receive a confirmation message after it’s all done. Turn on the iPhone or iPad and your phone should be unlocked already.