The only competition you have is you!!!
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    Patience Amos 11 months ago

    "The only competition you have is you " the only battle worth fighting is the battle from within, the ability to conquer yourself, your fears and your demons.

    It is easier to compete with others, but fear the man who compets only with himself because the only battle that can stop us in life is the battle we don't win from the inside. 

    The ability to become or not to become lies within us, we need to understand that defeat or success is a mindset and failure or success comes first from within.

    "We don't really lose until we lose on the inside"

    The mind is so powerful it believes whatever you feed it with, anytime you choose to focus on others instead of you, you give away your power.

    The power to be at your best ability,  the power to break limits: because individuality creates uniqueness and uniqueness makes you "You"

    Each time you focus on you: you create the world through your own eyes, which then helps you create a mindset, your mindset determines your result because success is a mindset and you have to first of all create it to become it. 

    Stop limiting yourself!! Stop giving so much power to things you don't have control over, the only person you can control is you, the only competition you should have is you: and that should be the need to be better than who you were yesterday!!! 


    Ceedev Smm
    Ceedev Smm

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    December 29, 2020


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